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Limor Babai - Director

Limor Babai* worked as a director of Macquarie Bank and later as a property developer, before becoming a meditation teacher based in Sydney.

She was trained by Thom Knoles  in the United States and India. Knoles is an internationally renowned meditation teacher who travels the world teaching Vedic Meditation and mentoring high-profile professionals. Limor managed Thom's international tours and courses before starting her own meditation centre with Thom's blessing and endorsement.

In 2005, she began working on developing a purpose-built meditation centre in Double Bay where she now teaches full-time. The centre was designed by two architects who engaged specific Vedic principles to create a perfect space in which people can learn to meditate and expand their consciousness.

Limor has taught a wide variety of people to meditate in Australia. Having enjoyed the immediate and sustainable results from her meditation practice, Limor's decision to become a teacher was based on the desire to make this meditation technique available to everyone.


Lauren Godfrey - Manager 


Lauren Godfrey* is the manager of the Double Bay Meditation Centre and is also a teacher of Vedic Meditation.  Lauren lives in New Zealand and teaches in both New Zealand and Australia.      

Visit her website here: www.lotusmeditationcentre.com         




*Limor Babai and Lauren Godfrey are independent teachers of Vedic Meditation and are not affiliated with any proprietary organization.






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