Advanced Techniques

If you have been meditating regularly for over 12 months then you are able to receive an advanced technique.

Advanced techniques are designed to allow meditators to enjoy higher states of consciousness more quickly as they enable the mind to access and maintain “Ritam” (the subtlest and most creative level of thinking) more easily.

Advanced technique courses are conducted as either group or private courses.


Group Course Format

1.5 hour session on a Tuesday at 6.30pm.
For the date of the next course please contact us.

Course Fee: $440 

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Private Course Format

One-on-one instruction as follows:
Initiation into Advanced technique: 1 hour by appointment.
Follow-up (7 to 10 days following Initiation): 1 hour by appointment.

Course fee: $1,100



“Many years ago I learned Vedic Meditation. Not because I wanted to, not because I thought it would actually work. It was because my life was a mess, I’d hit rock bottom and that bottom kept dropping and I realized that I could not fix it myself without some outside help and training.  I learned reluctantly and my gracious teacher put up with my constant complaining.  Then she mentioned that after 12 months of meditating, I could do an Advanced Technique. I laughed and said “whatever, I’ll do it if my income this year goes up by enough to cover the course fee” and then forgot about it.

A year later my group certificate (that document that shows how much you earned in the year for tax purposes) showed that my income had gone up $25,000 that year.  I had made a promise to myself that if my income went up enough I would do the advanced course.  So after 3 months of umming and ahhhing and trying to ignore it, I begrudgingly signed up. 

Soon after learning my Advanced Technique, my desk was clear, my mind was completely clear, I got happier than I ever thought possible, I started eating more healthily, I became more successful than ever in every aspect of my life, my blood pressure went down, my income went up $35,000 (the following year), I started having much more success with girls, I became more honest with myself than ever before, my basketball game got better and better and all sorts of crazy stuff started happening like when buying a car the seller haggled me DOWN in price! On selling the then unregistered car I had been driving the buyer haggled me UP!!!

Needless to say after testing Vedic Meditation for 2 years, I was finally convinced of its power. It’s enormous power.

My teacher had remarked on the final day of my course that I must “watch out for what I wish for” and over the years this actually started to make sense. My wishes actually started to come true. And not just simple wishes but ones I would never have expected to come true. Deep wishes, the sort that you don’t’ want to tell anyone about.

So if there is any interest at all in you regarding learning an Advanced Technique my advice is jump right in. It is phenomenally powerful stuff. And when it comes to teachers Limor is the absolute bomb.”

–  Peter Vroom (IT Consultant)



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