Weekend Retreats

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Enjoy a weekend that is even more restful than a holiday. Previous retreat participants report feeling the benefits of a two-week holiday in just three days. A three-day weekend retreat is the equivalent of six months morning and evening meditation.

A retreat provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a weekend of industrial-strength meditation, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised for months to come.

Weekend retreats provide a time to allow the release of deep-rooted stresses and fatigue; accelerating one’s progress towards higher states of consciousness, bringing greater energy, clarity and bliss. During the weekend, participants receive instruction in simple yoga positions and breathing techniques designed especially to maximise the benefits of extra meditation.

Each participant receives their own individually designed advanced program tailored to enhance their meditation experiences and knowledge.

For meditators who are attending a weekend retreat for the first time, this will be an opportunity to gain deep layers of rest and enhanced experiences in meditation and to learn advanced techniques to be included in your daily practice.

Residential weekend retreats are held at Links House in Bowral in the Southern Highlands.  This is a wonderful venue where you are able to enjoy our retreat program surrounded by peace and tranquility.

Holistic catering is provided with the menu designed to complement your meditation program and help you achieve the best possible results on the retreat.


Dates of Upcoming Retreats  

5th - 8th September, 2019    -  READ ALL THE DETAILS          

If you would like to attend an upcoming retreat or have any enquires, please contact us.
A registration form will be emailed to you. Confirmation of your place on the retreat will be on receipt of payment. 



“Limor, I want to say thank you so so much for such a richly rewarding & enjoyable weekend away. I loved it all! I found it so nourishing and enlightening and have been much clearer and directed since the Retreat.
With great gratitude.”

– Sandra

"I attended about 15 retreats in the first 7 years of my meditation practice, and if I could have attended twice as many I would have. The 3 days of simple transformations and deep rest that happened inside me meant that I would exit the retreats on the Monday a new person.  A fresh perspective on life, balanced eating again, 2 basketball games a night (well for a while until I wore off the deep rest I had “built up in the bank”) and in general a much greater sense of happiness.  It is true that after each retreat creative solutions would come for the problems I was trying to solve both at work and in my personal life, however it is more true to say that many problems would dissolve and disappear.  They shouldn’t have been a “problem” in the first place and I was only concerning myself over them for nothing. This is the kind of clarity that I would have after each retreat.

I had the good fortune of attending Limor’s first retreat in the Blue Mountains many years ago and really enjoyed not only the deep rest and removal of deep stresses but also the seemingly endless knowledge about life and business that Limor had to share.

I can’t recommend enough such retreats. The benefits go deep and last long and what can be achieved in 3 days has to be experienced to be believed. (Oh, and I found the retreats to really help in my professional life so declared them on my tax (but speak to your tax pro first) :)"  

– Peter


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