The Technique

The meditation technique taught at the Double Bay Meditation Centre is Vedic Meditation*.
It is a simple, effortless technique which should be practised for twenty minutes in the morning and evening,
while sitting silently with your eyes closed.

Vedic Meditation allows the activity of thinking to come to rest while the mind remains fully awake and alert.
This is a unique state of restful alertness or ‘pure consciousness’.

As the mind de-excites and experiences its least excited state, the body gains a state of deep rest.
This deep rest rejuvenates the entire mind and body and dissolves accumulated stress, tension and fatigue.

After meditating, meditators report feeling refreshed mentally and physically –
they are calmer and enjoy greater mental clarity and an increase in physical energy.

*Vedic means from the Veda. The Veda is the body of knowledge from ancient India
that is the source of yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic medicine.


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