Meditation Meetings
For Meditators

If you have already learnt Vedic Meditation, you are invited to attend the intermediate meditation meetings free of charge.  You will enjoy the great benefits of group meditation, in which particularly deep and relaxing experiences are often enjoyed. This will be followed by question and answer sessions which will help to develop
your understanding of meditation.

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Intermediate meeting schedule

These meetings commence with group meditation followed by a discussion about the fine mechanics of the practice of Vedic Meditation and the development of higher states of consciousness.

Date                                   Time
Monday September 23rd 6.30pm
Monday September 30th 6.30pm
Monday October 7th 6.30pm

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Advanced meeting schedule

These meetings are held on the first Sunday of the Month and are for meditators who have completed all 6 instalments of the course, Mastering the Siddhis.
Date                                   Time
Sunday October 6th           8.30am 



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