Thom Knoles tour of Australia - June/July 2011

My brilliant and inspiring teacher, Thom Knoles will be touring Australia in June and July this year.

Thom has been teaching meditation for the past 43 years.  He is a master of Vedic Meditation as well as an expert in physics, psychology, cognitive neuroscience and consciousness.

Thom will conduct two meetings at the Double Bay Meditation Centre: 

An INTERMEDIATE MEDITATION MEETING - Monday 20 June 2011, 7pm to 8.30pm - free and open to all Vedic Meditators.

An ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE MEETING – Sunday 3 July 2011, 7pm to 9.30pm - attendance fee of $55 per person. Pre-registration required.  Topic: Stabilising Enlightenment by correcting the mistaken intellect.

All Vedic Meditators, regardless of experience level, are welcome to attend both meetings.

For further details of these meetings and Thom's tour of Australia, please click here: Thom Knoles Tour of Australia 2011