Spice up your life - Ayurvedic Cooking Class

Some photos below of the recent Ayurvedic Cooking Class held at the Double Bay Meditation Centre; conducted by Ayurvedic Chef, Tim Mitchell.  Participants learnt the basic principles of Ayurveda and how to make Ghee (clarified Butter), Paneer (Cheese) and various other vegetarian dishes.  It was a day of fun, knowledge and delicious food.

For details of other Ayurvedic Cooking Classes conducted in Sydney by Tim Mitchell, please go to: www.yogaofthekitchen.com

Making Paneer (Cheese) from Milk.  Draining Curds from Whey.

Scrambled Paneer with Vegetables.  Yum!

Spices in a Masala Dhaba Spice Tray

Tim and Limor with Pear, Coconut and Cardamom Muffins about to go in the oven.  Yummy!