Guru Purnima - Monday July 22nd, 2013 at 7pm

Special Meeting for Vedic Meditators to be conducted by Thom Knoles

GURU PURNIMA - Monday July 22nd at 7pm


Venue: The Life Pod Yoga Studio; Level 1, 1A Victoria Street, Paddington

Celebrate Guru Purnima (the full moon in July) which traditionally honours the Vedic Masters who brought to light the Vedic knowledge we all enjoy today. Thom will perform “Puja” - the ceremony of gratitude that you witnessed when you learnt to meditate.  It is part of the mythos of Guru Purnima that a boon is granted in response to a wish offered with one’s flower at the culmination of the Puja.  It is an evening of stories, eating of rich sweets together, taking in a moonlit stroll, and enjoying the good fortune of being a meditator at the dawn of the age of enlightenment.

The evening will include group meditation.

Please bring a flower with you and a wish!

Free event.  No RSVP required.