Thom Knoles Tour of Sydney & Melbourne - July 2017

photo Gerald Forster/WelcomeEarth

My brilliant and inspiring teacher, Thom Knoles will be in Sydney for 2 weeks and Melbourne for 1 week in July this year.

Thom has been teaching meditation for the past 49 years.  He is a master of Vedic Meditation as well as an expert in physics, psychology, cognitive neuroscience and consciousness.

In Sydney, Thom will conduct:

- Two group meditation and knowledge meeting for Vedic Meditators

- Private Consultations, Advanced Techniques and private courses in Vedic Meditation

- A Long Weekend Rounding and Knowledge Retreat in Bowral from July 28th to July 31st

For further details of Thom's tour of Sydney & Melbourne, please click here: Thom Knoles Tour of Sydney & Melbourne 2017