Upcoming Long Weekend Retreat - May 3rd to 6th, 2018

All Vedic Meditators are invited to attend this Long Weekend Retreat in beautiful Bowral, Southern Highlands from Thursday 3rd May (6.30pm) to Sunday 6th May (2pm). 

During the Retreat, you will learn and practise 'Rounding'. ‘Rounding' combines a simple sequence of yoga positions (asanas) and a Vedic breathing technique (pranayama) with your current meditation practice. 

The result is an 'industrial-strength' program designed to enhance the restfulness of meditation, release your deepest stresses and expand your consciousness. 

In addition to advancing both your meditation practice and waking state experience of life, you will come away from the Retreat feeling refreshed and revitalised for months to come. 

For further details, please click here: Weekend Retreat