What we put our attention on .... grows

Magnolia Tree - Double Bay Meditation Centre, August 2011

The most valuable asset each of us owns is our attention. 

Whenever a demand or a change of expectations is made upon us, as meditators, we are able to make a choice and ask ourselves the question: where will I place my attention right now?

In other words, do I place my attention on what I feel I am (or someone else is) lacking?  Am I going to focus on the worst possible interpretation of this event and construct an assumption-laden storyline to support that viewpoint?

Or, do I make the conscious choice to affirm the high end of all that I am (or someone else is)?  And am I going to acknowledge that this too is happening for my highest and best good, even if I don't yet fully understand how and why.

These two directions lead to polar opposite inner experiences: one where we play the victim in an unfair life versus the other where we accept the role of co-creator in a life that is unfolding perfectly.

Attention is like currency.  It funds or provides growth to that which we are attending to.  In every situation in life there is always a high end and a low end.  Sometimes it can seem easier to sulk, to gossip, to negate, and to allow our emotions to control us.  If we engage in entertaining these thoughts and actions then we are funding that which we do not want to grow (akin to watering the weeds in our garden).

If we allow our attention to fall on that which we do want to grow – all that is good and worthy in our life – then that begins to grow (akin to watering the flowers in our garden).

We can make the choice to put our attention on the high end in every situation and not to entertain negativity.

With love,