Give the Gift of Acceptance

A young student who didn't like the way some of his colleagues were behaving commented to his teacher: "Isn't it a shame that they are behaving in this way." 

The master smilingly responded: "No.  It's a shame when one expects a walnut tree to produce mangoes."

What the master was trying to teach his young student is: All knowledge is structured in consciousness; all action is performed on the level of consciousness and all perception and experience comes through our state of consciousness.

One cannot expect anyone to behave in any way other than according to their state of consciousness - having any other expectation will always lead to disappointment.

Giving the gift of acceptance means we need to accept that a person is behaving according to their state of consciousness.  We do not expect a new born baby to speak perfect English, eat food gracefully and not cry when their favourite toy is taken away. In the same way, we cannot expect an adult who is carrying numerous stresses in their body to exhibit divine behaviour and to always act in a way that is friendly, compassionate and loving.

As meditators, we are fortunate to have a technique that is not only a technology for the elimination of stress, but also a supreme tool for the systematic expansion of consciousness.

Acquiring a higher state of consciousness naturally yields greater perception, broader awareness, appropriate behaviour and more dynamic fruitful action.

In order for thinking, behaviour and action to change, one's state of consciousness needs to change.

With love,